About Us

Micro Solutions has provided service for
computers and peripherals for over 32 years.

Who We Are

Micro Solutions has provided computer service and computer peripheral service since 1990.

Prior to creating Micro Solutions, our technician Jim Lewis was employed by the National Field Service Department of Dow Jones and Company since 1978.

Our Philosophy

Our main focus is to build reliable computers. Does this mean our hardware will not fail? No. But the percentage that do over time is very low. Our systems may not appear to be appropriate for those who are more price conscious. But when one considers the costs associated with setting up a replacement computer, re-installing programs, retrieving data from a machine that has failed beyond cost-effected repair, and configuring to your network, the long term price may not be as different as it initially appears.


We believe Internet security is so important today. For this reason we provide a full licensed copy of Kaspersky Internet Security Suite with every new system.

Kaspersky IS is consistantly rated within the top one or two suites for protecting your system. We have been recommending Kaspersky since 2002. It has very low system load, high detection rates, and automatically updates 2, 3, and sometimes 4 or 5 times a day.

"Many companies provide quality computers.
It has always been our goal to be one of them"